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"Having been heavily involved in the horse industry in the northeast for decades. It has been an honor to have worked with and count as my friends some of the most talented horsemen and women of our time. I have ridden, driven, owned, trained, bred and shod hundreds and hundreds of horses over the past 30 years. At present my son and I breed, train and show some of the most spectacular driving horses in the world, the dutch harness horse. We have manufactured millions of dollars worth of horse equipment being used every day across the US.

I have custom made equipment to address specific issues that have enabled horses and horsemen to reach the highest levels of their disceplines. I am well versed and have experience with every type of riding and driving.


When you contact us with orders, questions or a specific problem you are accessing a high level of experience."


- Bill Duffy, Custom Tack and Harness
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